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Nintendo holds over $10 billion in assets, $4.7 billion in cash


For all the struggles it’s faced in recent years, Nintendo is still a sturdy company to say the least. The Wii U isn’t topping console sales, but having several billion on the backburner is a uniquely powerful tool for a games company to hold.

Nintendo’s most recent consolidated balance sheet shows that, as of March 31, 2014, the company holds roughly $11 billion in assets, a figure that reaches north of $12 billion after accounting for liabilities. In terms of raw capital, a pretty $4.7 billion lines Nintendo’s pocket.

Both figures show radical change from Nintendo’s 2012 records: $10 billion in the bank and $6 billion in assets. That raw capital decreased while total assets rose speaks to the company’s activities, and harkens back to the shares the company lost due to withdrawing investors.

[via Destructoid, image via StewOver

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