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Nintendo has begun work on the next 3D Mario title

Nintendo has begun work on the next 3D Mario title

Despite the initial disappointment that Super Mario 3D World was not a follow-up to the Super Mario Galaxy franchise, Nintendo's latest Mario platformer was an absolute classic. It comes as good news, then, that Yoshiaki Koizumi, producer for Super Mario 3D World, has confirmed to Edge that work has begun on the next entry in the Mario series. Beyond that, however, details weren't given. He wouldn't even specify if the game was coming to the 3DS or the Wii U.

It was mentioned that should the game come to Nintendo's home console, it would need to better utlizie the GamePad controller. Or, in Koizumi's words, "might need to make even more use of the GamePad." Personally, I'm absolutely fine with playing in Off-TV mode, but that doesn't necessarily do a good job of helping to sell the game as essential to the Wii U.

Koizumi has been a producer for the franchise dating back to Super Mario Galaxy 2 and has been involved with the Super Mario franchise since Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.


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