Nintendo goes behind-the-scenes of Bayonetta 2 with new developer video

It's still a little too early for Nintendo to show off official Bayonetta 2 gameplay, but the company did do us a favor by treating us to a behind-the-scenes video. During Nintendo Direct this morning, a developer diary was shown, giving fans a look at the development of the highly anticipated sequel.

The video offers a number of short interviews with designers at Platinum Games currently working on the game. It shows the basic concepts and early stages of development regarding certain aspects of Bayonetta 2, including the game's different locales and "completely different" scale of the sequel.

The goal seems to be to create a game that "maximizes the potential of the Wii U, but also ups the ante on the climax action you'd expect from Bayonetta 2." Platinum says it feels like you are "fighting the last boss from the very beginning."

It certainly sounds intriguing, and we can't wait to see more! Bayonetta 2 was first confirmed for the Wii U back in September of 2012 with a short teaser.

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