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Nintendo finally unveils Wii U's online functionality

Nothing like waiting until the last minute huh Nintendo? With just four days to go, gamers everyone wanted to know just how the online service, Miiverse, as well as the just announced Wara Wara Plaza will be integrated into the system.

We first get a glimpse of creating a user account that will also be shared among other devices, allowing you to access and even use the eShop, even when you're on your mobile device or PC. Connecting the Wii U to the internet isn't mandatory, but according to the video, it's recommended, thanks to its huge emphasis on social interactions.

For example, a player having a difficult time beating a level in Super Mario Bros. U, can post a comment to the Miiverse and then have other users respond with tips and tricks and even drawings, or even communicate with each other via the Nintendo Land Plaza.

While I'm still confused just how exactly TVii works, and if the Wii U gamepad is essentially a giant universal remote control, but it looks like you'll be able to switch channels directly from your gamepad, and then continuing your game on it.

I don't think that many hardcore users will go gaga over this commenting system, as it looks to me like a big gimmick, I can see why Nintendo is opting for a more social platform, similar to Facebook in hopes to reel that crowd in.

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