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Nintendo finally ties 3DS and Wii U accounts, introduces Miiverse to 3DS

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I currently have $30 sitting on my 3DS eShop, waiting to be used from the promotion of buying both Fire Emblem Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV. Many times, I've wanted to use it on the Wii U but it was only tied to my 3DS account. That all changes!

Now you can finally tie your 3DS and Wii U account together, meaning all balances will finally transfer over between one another. That means that $30 can be used on a Wii U game, rather than letting it sit on my 3DS. We're rejoicing sure, but honestly this is something that should have been implemented a while ago. Better late than never right?

Nintendo warns however that when linking your accounts on both systems, to make sure that the username is written correctly, because if it's registered incorrectly, users won't be able to change it.

Also, Nintendo announced that Miiverse will be coming to the 3DS. Yay!

This will come in a system update soon.

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