Nintendo details New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC

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In today's Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo of Japan revealed some new details regarding New Super Mario Bros. 2's upcoming downloadable content. Although we knew New Super Mario Bros. 2 would  be getting DLC centered around additional stages for the game's Coin Rush mode, Nintendo Direct gave the specifics of the three new packs.

As translated by Joystiq, the three new packs will be the following:

  • Go! Go! As Gold Mario Pack - Features three Gold Mario-themed courses offering up to 30,000 coins
  • Challenge the Record Pack - Posts the top scores to the New Super Mario Bros. 2 website
  • Survival Panic Pack - An "extra hard" set of levels

The three packs are due out for release in Japan on October 2nd. They are priced at 200 yen each. Dates and price for release in the West have not yet been announced.

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