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Nintendo clarifies Metroid Prime 4, Pokemon RPG, Yoshi and Kirby on Nintendo Switch as a '2018 and beyond' release

There it is. The crushing clarification.

Yesterday, an interview with Nintendo of America corporate communications director Charlie Scibetta revealed that Metroid Prime 4, the Pokemon RPG, Yoshi, and Kirby will be releasing in 2018. Unfortunately, that interview has been amended to include a clarification that pushes the games back.

According to a newly added note, Nintendo clarified that Scibetta meant “2018 and beyond” when speaking on Metroid Prime 4, the Pokemon RPG, Yoshi, and Kirby. 

The current working title for Kirby is Kirby 2018, which suggests that this game might make the 2018 cut. The Yoshi game also came with a 2018 release window in the view. Unfortunately, neither Pokemon nor Metroid Prime 4 came with a release window. 

It's possible all of these titles will be shifted to a later date or see a staggered release with one game releasing per quarter.

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