Nintendo caters to their female audience with Nintendo Girls Club

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Nintendo is easily the most family friendly company out there; from young to old, boys and girls, the company caters to a wide market. But to capitalize on that girls market just a bit more, Nintendo has announced the Nintendo Girls Club, a weekly video series that will highlight various games, show new trailers, and showcase original videos that will cater to the girl gamer.

I appreciate Nintendo's willingness to not only show games like Animal Crossing and Style Savvy, and instead show some more of their hardcore titles like Super Mario 3D World, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon and Sonic Lost World.

Are you a girl gamer? Does this new video series from Nintendo appeal to you? While it's certainly the most unsurprising announcement, given that it's Nintendo, I do feel that this is a pretty good initiative for them.

And in case you wanted a loop of Nintendo Girl's awkward laugh, here you go:

Nintendo Girls Club

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