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Nintendo 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro available for pre-order; will ship April 19th

If you're a little annoyed playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on your Nintendo 3DS XL without a second analog circle pad, you're about to be very happy. The Circle Pad Pro add-on for the Nintendo 3DS XL is now available for pre-order through ShopNintendo, the official online store for Nintendo of America. 

While Japan got the add-on last year on November 15, 2012, the product will begin shipping in North American on April 19th, according to ShopNintendo's listing. You can buy it through their online store for $19.99. 

The Circle Pad Pro adds a second analog circle pad and additional shoulder buttons. It is only compatible with select 3DS games, including Resident Evil: RevelationsMetal Gear Solid 3D Snake EaterKid Icarus: Uprising and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

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