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Nintendo 2DS To Launch with a New Super Mario Bros. 2 Bundle

September will be a good month for 2DS.

Nintendo 2DS To Launch with a New Super Mario Bros. 2 Bundle

Despite the Nintendo 2DS XL recently launching, Nintendo has announced a regular 2DS bundle arriving at the end of August.

The 2DS XL, which we reviewed here, brings the affordability of the flat 2DS into the clamshell model of the rest of the 3DS family. But this new bundle from Nintendo seems to remain in the flat-version camp. What's cool about it, however, is that the system is a custom red/white color, bundled with New Super Mario Bros. 2 pre-installed. It launches at the low price of $79.99 for the bundle. Despite fans most likely wanting this color pallet on the New 2DS XL, the price tag here is hard to argue against.

Nintendo 2DS To Launch with a New Super Mario Bros. 2 Bundle

Along with this, BusinessWire reported this announcement along with announcements of other Nintendo titles launching on the 3DS family.

"This Fall is packed with a variety of new games (in addition to the existing library of games), which can be played on any system in the extended Nintendo 3DS family, including in 2D on Nintendo 2DS. Monster Hunter Stories, the next game in the hit Monster Hunter series, launches on Sept. 8; Metroid: Samus Returns, the return of legendary bounty hunter Samus Aran, launches on Sept. 15; and the wackiest Yo-kai adventure yet, YO-KAI WATCH 2: Psychic Specters, launches on Sept. 29. That’s a month full of exciting adventures!"

So why is the 2DS XL even a thing? Nintendo explains that they wanted to fill the gap between those just getting into gaming and those looking for a deal. But what about the 3DS in general? The Switch is mobile and more powerful than Nintendo's other handheld family. They have since stated that they plan to run both platforms parallel to each other. The reasoning is likely to appease two different audiences.

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