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Ninja Assassin Game Slashes Through the App Store

November 19, 2009

“Ninja Assassin” Game Slashes Through the App Store

Now Available for the iPhone and iPod touch Based on Ninja Assassin, the Upcoming Motion Picture Presented by Warner Bros. Pictures, in Association with Legendary Pictures and Dark Castle Entertainment

Warner Bros. Digital Distribution and Legendary Digital are converting iPhone and iPod touch-users’ fingers into deadly chain blades, razor-sharp shurikens and lethal katanas in Ninja Assassin, a brutal, action-packed game unleashed today on the App store.

Ninja Assassin is a stealthy side scrolling hack n’ slash action game featuring an innovative touch-based, gesture control scheme. The player controls a single combatant against a number of different mobs and bosses identical to the primary enemies found in the Ninja Assassin movie. The gameplay is intense yet intuitive, while the gesture system allows the player to pull off stunning attacks that provide rich, over-the-top visuals along with a feeling of empowerment.

The game follows Raizo, one of the deadliest assassins in the world, after he was taken from the streets as a child and transformed into a trained killer by the Ozunu Clan, a secret society whose very existence is considered a myth. Haunted by the merciless execution of his friend by the Clan, Raizo breaks free and vanishes. Now he waits in the shadows, preparing to exact his revenge.

Ninja Assassin’s story mode is designed around the film narrative and organized into four acts. In addition to story mode, players can experience the ultimate challenge of “survival mode” where they must outlast wave after wave of enemies. Players can then upload and share their high scores online within the game or post to their Facebook page for the world to see.

Game Features:

  • Intense 3rd-Person Combat – Visceral “Hit-point” system allows player to sever enemy limbs

  • Intuitive Hack-n-Slash Gameplay – Gesture-based combat controls enable the user to attack with a simple swipe of the finger

  • Engaging Story – Featuring 12 action-packed levels spanning over 4 harrowing acts - separated by original hand-painted artwork inspired by the film

  • Stunning Visuals – Showing-off highly stylized, vector-based character models

  • Global Leaderboards – Player can rank themselves against the rest of the world

  • Personalized Playlist – Listen to your own music while slicing and dicing your way through the game

  • Multiplayer Mini-Game – Using Bluetooth connectivity, fling razor-sharp shurikens from one device to the other

For more information on the Ninja Assassin game click here

Due to the graphic nature of the app, Ninja Assassin is intended for mature audiences 17 years of age and older.

The motion picture Ninja Assassin comes to theaters November 25.

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