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Ninja Theory reveals concept art, trailers for canned sci-fi project

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Developer Ninja Theory, best known for Heavenly Sword and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, today tore the curtain down around would-be AAA sci-fi project Razer, which never made it past publisher greenlight.

Razer was to be developed for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and entered the concept stage was Ninja Theory began “exploring next-gen art pipelines.”

“Razer was a game that was to bring [our iOS development, online multiplayer melee and our next-gen art experience] together into an epic massively co-op sci-fi adventure,” the studio said. “It involved the idea that a huge alien creature had enveloped our planet. It would take thousands of players months if not years to coordinate guerrilla-warfare on a massive scale to kill this beast.”

These ideas are explored and expressed in the concept art gallery seen here and the three videos below.

Razer Experience Trailer from NinjaTheory on Vimeo.

Razer - Artstyle Test from NinjaTheory on Vimeo.

Razer Gameplay Pre-vis from NinjaTheory on Vimeo.

[Ninja Theory via Destructoid]

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