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NieR: Automata director says that money will make a Drakengard Remastered collection happen

Yoko Taro tells it like it is.

So often the narrative surrounding game development is how much passion and time go into "getting a video game right" on release. Whatever that means. NieR: Automata's quirky director Yoko Taro took a few questions in a 15-minute Facebook video during PAX East, in which he reveals that the much desired Drakengard Remastered collection is currently not in the plans at Square Enix. But Yoko Taro had one simple message for fans who want to see the collection happen.

"If I get the funding, if you give me money, I'll do anything."

That's about as blunt and straightforward as it gets, and frankly, that's how these types of things happen. If a company sees that enough fans are willing to buy the product, they will make it. So, simply put, if you want Yoko Taro and company to make a Drakengard remaster, show Square Enix that you are serious about it.

The video is also filled with other questions about NieR and Taro's creative process (which seems to involve lots of beer), so it's definitely worth a look.

NieR: Automata is available now on PS4 and releases this Friday on PC. 

Source: [VG24/7]

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