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NieR: Automata confirms that the game will get DLC and reveals a new Souls-like Android System

The Dark Souls playbook is a popular one it seems.

NieR: Automata's release is not far off, and you can expect that advertising will ramp up in the very near (no pun intended) future. In an all-new Dengeki PlayStation livestream Square Enix detailed some of the game's DLC plans as well as a very Dark Souls-like Android System. In short, the developers have decided to create DLC for the game allegedly at the request of 9S voice actor Natsuki Hanae. Hanae said that he has hopes for a costume of Caim from Drakengard for 2B, but as of right now, nothing is set in stone.

The bigger news from the livestream was the reveal of something called the Android System, which sounds an awful lot like a key feature from the Souls series. The idea is that every time you die, a little android is left behind at the spot of your demise. Players then have the option of going back to retrieve the android, which contains certain data such as plug-in chips. If they die on the way to retrieving it, the android is lost for good. Sound familiar? It should.

It's also worth noting that later this week on February 22nd, the PlayStation Store will have free downloadable themes for players to get their hands on, so look out for those.

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