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Ni no Kuni gets more free DLC in Japan


We previously reported that Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch had received some DLC in Japan. The extra content consisted of downloadable quests, monster hunts, and special items. Nifty stuff indeed. The best part: All of this DLC is absolutely free.

Now, it looks as though Ni no Kuni will be getting even more free goodness, which is definitely great. The Great Sage of the Olden Days can be downloaded upon completing the main game, and it delves deep into the story of a character named the King of Moya.

Additionally, a couple of quests that require you to hunt monsters are also downloadable. These, like The Great Sage of the Olden Days are free of charge. Oh, and there are also some more downloadable items for players to snag.

I like the idea of free DLC, and it seems that Level-5 is really intent on keeping players involved in the game. Other developers should take a page from Level-5's book and offer up some free content.

Still no word on whether the North American version of Ni no Kuni will feature free DLC, but let's hope it does.

[Source: Siliconera]

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