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NHL 15's Superstar Skill Stick gives you superstar control


I'm not good at hockey. I can barely skate on ice, let alone control a puck with a stick. So the addition of the all-new Superstar Skills Stick in NHL 15 is a welcomed one for me, as it's said to give "complete control" using just the right analog stick. It's that easy!

"The all-new Superstar Skill Stick allows you to stick handle with complete fluidity, giving you complete control using just the right analog stick," EA explains in the video below. "Combine this with True Performance Skating and you can toe drag around a cheating defender, spin off an incoming check, and much more. On offense, a controlled glide allows you to assess the situation and make decisions based on the position of the defenders. From a glide, 45 degree cuts and new stride dekes give you the ability to react and take advantage of gaps you see in the defense. One touch and loose puck dekes add additional weapons to your offensive arsenal allowing you to embarass defenders and create scoring opportunities."

Of course, one wrong move or untimely decision could result in you with your ass on the ice after a monstrous check.

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