Next Xbox One update preview coming “soon,” says Microsoft

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One of the great things about the Xbox One’s architecture is that it allows Microsoft to put out updates more frequently. In addition to major updates, like the one released today, Microsoft is able to make smaller tweaks regularly. To that end, the next Xbox One update will probably come sooner than any of us expected. A preview for that update definitely will.

Over Microsoft’s Xbox update preview forum, a user asked (via Reddit) when we can expect another update to preview.

“We're still working on the exact date, and will let you know when as soon as we can, along with what changes will be present in the new build,” Microsoft responded. “But it will be SOON!”

In the meantime, Xbox One owners can enjoy all of the great new features and changes brought on by today’s update. While the primary focus was improving the system’s multiplayer and friends system -- in preparation for next week’s launch of Titanfall -- there’s also a number of other improvements, all of which can be seen here.

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