Next week's Nintendo Direct is all about Hyrule Warriors

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Nintendo has announced that on Monday, August 8, they'll be hosting a Nintendo Direct broadcast all about Hyrule WarriorsThe company didn't reveal any sort of specifics but did say the broadcast will provide "new details" on the upcoming Wii U game.

Hyrule Warriors, announced back in December 2013, is being developed in collaboration with Tecmo Koei. Created in the vein of the Dynasty Warriors franchise, Hyrule Warriors sees various characters from across The Legend of Zelda franchise take on entire mobs of enemies.

Nintendo has slowly been revealing the cast of playable characters, already confirming Link, Princess Zelda, Impa, new character Lana, Midna and Agitha from Twilight Princess, Fi from Skyward Sword, and Princess Ruot, Darunia and Sheik from The Ocarina of Time.

It's a mystery what Nintendo will reveal on Monday, but you can tune in to the live broadcast on Nintendo's website. It will begin at 8pm PT/11pm ET.

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