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Next Tales game to be announced at Tales of Festival in June


While gamers in North America are playing Tales of Graces f and gamers in Japan are enjoying Tales of Xillia, Namco Bandai is getting ready to announce the next entry in the popular RPG franchise.

According to Jump magazine, a new Tales game will be officially revealed at the Tales of Festival 2012. The big event is set to take place in Japan on June 2 and 3. See, it's little things like this that make me wish I was living in Japan. At the very least, I wish I was visiting at the time of the Tales of Festival. Drats!

The yet-to-be-announced Tales game doesn't appear to be a remake of any sort, as Jump has revealed that the game will take place in a whole new world. It goes without saying that this is exciting news if you're a fan of the Tales series or RPGs in general.

Here in North America we're still waiting for Tales of Xillia to be announced. If that happens, it will probably be in the next couple of years. So we can probably expect this new Tales game to pop up over here in about 20 years. That's just a rough estimate, though.


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