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Next-gen console talk leading to more mobile and downloadable games

All of the rumors and speculation about next-gen consoles are leading to an increase in mobile and downloadable games being developed, according to Epic Games CEO Mike Capps.

Speaking in the latest issue of GameInformer, Capps suggested that all of the talk about the next Xbox and PlayStation 4 is resulting in slumping sales, especially for new games.

"Everyone is talking about next-generation, and that is always hard.  It's tumultuous for us as developers," said Capps.

"You can't sell a really cool, new game when everyone's eyes are on the future and not today," he explained.  "So that puts a break in sales for us."

He added: "The way we're dealing with that is spending more time on mobile and download space and investing in technology for next-gen.

That includes work on the Unreal Engine 4, which Capps expected won't be revealed until console manufacturers, Sony and Microsoft, announce a new console.

"I don't think we actually have decided right now," he said in response to when Epic Games plans to show off Unreal Engine 4.  "Because it's targeted at next-gen consoles, ideally we'd make that kind of announcement along with those folks, so that's all about I can say."

In the meantime, Epic continues to focus on mobile games like Infinity Blade: Dungeons which was announced for iOS devices, particularly the new iPad.  During Apple's unveiling of the new iPad, Capps actually revealed the new game while boasting about the gaming power of the iPad compared to actual consoles.

"The Unreal engine is unleashing the power of the new iPad," Capps said referring to the new iPad.  "This new device has more memory and higher screen resolution than an Xbox 360 or PS3."

“With Infinity Blade: Dungeons we continue the tradition of melding exciting gameplay with beautiful, rich worlds powered by Unreal Engine technology; and Apple’s new iPad allows us to push the boundaries even further.” Capps said during the conference.

Epic isn't completely giving up on developing for this generation, however.  When asked if they plan on releasing any more AAA console games for this generation, Capps told GameInformer to "ask again after E3", which probably means they are planning some sort of big reveal for the conference.

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