Next Clash of Clans update 'just around the corner,' but here are some sneak peeks at incoming features

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The next Clash of Clans update is "just around the corner," Supercell promises. Over on the game's forums, the developer has posted a number of sneak peeks at features included, many of them relating to the recently implemented Clan Wars.

Today, Supercell teased a feature that will allow you to edit your war base layout separately from your main village layout. However, two other features included in the upcoming update are more in-depth Clan Wars stats and the ability to dismiss troops from your War Base Clan Castle.

"Did somebody say GOBLINS?!?! In the next update you can dismiss troops from your War Base Clan Castle if they don't meet your standards!" Supercell said. In a forum exclusive, Supercell added that you can "see in the clan chat when a leader or co-leader starts or cancels a Clan War matchmaking."

Another feature aims to provide more in-depth War stats. "Soon you can see who in your clan has the most heroic attack and who defended against all odds!! Get ready for lots of new cool Clan War statistics." And in the forum exclusive, Supercell said: "Each base on the war map is now numbered to help you find bases easier. This will help especially when you battle with clans who use different alphabets/keyboards, like Chinese, Japanese, Emoji, Russian, Greek, Finnish or Hindi characters."

As always, we'll be sure to keep you updated on the latest features coming to Clash of Clans.


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