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Nexon America Supplies Halloween Tricks and Treats in All its Games

October 20, 2009

Nexon America Supplies Halloween Tricks and Treats in All its Games

Nexon America is presenting a candy sack full of fun Halloween content for its free-to-play games. Combat Arms, Dungeon Fighter Online , Mabinogi, and MapleStory have added unique features for the Halloween season by providing fun rewards and exciting events.

Combat Arms

Mercenaries will get in touch with their spooky side this Halloween in Combat Arms. Coffin backpacks, sickle melee weapons, pumpkin head masks and Infected masks will be available in the Black Market and for those who take part in the different events planned for the holiday. More details on the events are available at

Dungeon Fighter Online

A series of quests have been added to Dungeon Fighter Online’s open beta for Halloween. Players who succeed in helping Seria find her Halloween Decorations will receive Halloween-themed gifts and candies! Additionally, on October 31st, Players who deplete all 156 Fatigue Points will earn their way into a drawing (10 winners will be chosen at random) for all five Dungeon Fighter Online figurines!.


Zombies invade Nexon’s fantasy MMOG and players need to fight them off. In this event, players fend off the attacking zombies from over-running the player camp and taking down the camp flag. This marathon wave of brain-eating zombies should be a fun and oozy challenge for Mabinogi players. Also included for the Halloween season are flying Broom Pets that can transport players on air and the ground, as well as skeleton costume character cards that will help players fit into the scary season.


Who doesn’t love scary sequels? MapleStory is reprising the extremely popular Haunted House feature this year. Haunted House II has a story line quest, which includes two side quests, that picks up from 2007’s Haunted House story where players discovered the mysteries of Jonas the Toymaker, and his daughter. Complete the Haunted House II fright fest for spooktacular rewards! And no Halloween is complete without costumes - which will be available in the game’s item shop.

For more information about all of Nexon’s Halloween events, go to:

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