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NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer Worldwide premier hands on at E3


June 1, 2009

NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer Worldwide premier hands on at E3

NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer, the revolutionary fitness and nutrition product by Black Bean Games for WiiTM, will debut at E3 in Los Angeles together with Riiflex accessories produced by Power Play Corporation.

Black Bean Games and Power Play Corporation are driven by the same passion for real fitness experiences on WiiTM and the opportunity to broaden fitness outside the traditional gaming audiences.

As a matter of fact, Riiflex converts the WiiTM controllers into specialized dumbbells that provide increased workout resistance and allow access to all controller functionality. Riiflex weights are engineered with sturdy, gym-quality construction in mind. The weights feature a custom-molded, ergonomic grip for secure feel and comfort. The quick-release design allows user to quickly switch between different Riiflex weights increments during workouts. The weights will initially be offered in both 2 and 4 pound sets. Riiflex is designed to work with many popular fitness game titles, but will be demonstrated at the Expo with NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer.

NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer is a WiiTM title, developed by Lightning Fish and due in September 2009.

NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer has been conceived in collaboration with Fitness First, the largest health and fitness operator in the world. It’ s a unique combination of fitness, nutritional advice and daily health tips, but above all NewU is the first fitness product offering a holistic experience through personal goal setting and real professional advice resulting in actual well-being.

NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer considers well-being as a perfect balance between physical exercise and healthy nutritional eating, taking into consideration customers’ eating preferences and providing complete eating programme not mere tips.

NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer is a REAL fitness experience. Customers can rely on one of four REAL, QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL personal trainers. Fitness First best performing personal trainers have been chosen to teach exercises, give encouragement and stimulate users to ensure they get the best result ever.

NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer also provides nutritional advice in a series of recipes that can be used to complement physical exercises, whether you want to put on muscles or lose some extra weight.

“Riiflex product range adds value to customers Wii workout making it much more serious and professional. Riiflex philosophy is perfectly aligned with our strategy to go far beyond the usual meaning associated with in-home gaming activities. Video games mean fun of course, but time and market are perfect for a further turn. NewU brings the precious presence of a personal trainer and Riiflex provides the perfect instruments to guarantee hard workout, more resistance and, above all a serious push on results. A kick start for a complete different home fitness experience. I’m sure E3 represents just the starting point for a long term partnership.” – Virgilio Bixio, President Black Bean Games.

At the E3, NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer will be available for the first customer trial ever on the Power Play Corporation Stand (No. 2561 South Hall). Retailers and Distributors can get hands on and receive more detailed information about the product.

“NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer will introduce a new paradigm of fitness product into the market. Its uniqueness is an opportunity to seriously give voice to the necessity of a better lifestyle. Well-being is not just a matter of exercises but it means consulting professional and qualified experts on fitness and nutrition thereby approaching the problem from a global perspective. I’ll leave the evaluation of the product to the customers” - Fabrizio Vagliasindi, Head of marketing Black Bean Games.

“NewU Fitness First Personal Trainer has taken a bold step toward extending the utility of the Wii game console beyond entertainment alone,” Stated Paul Holcomb, President of Power Play Corp, creator of Riiflex. “This NewU title introduces new interactive elements that transcend the conventional game experience, and introduces a total fitness lifestyle tool. We’re excited to provide a collaborative platform that takes the “fitness from home” genre to a new level; it’s a perfect fit for the Riiflex product line and our company goals.”


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