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New Update for SunAge

February 19, 2008

New Update for SunAge

Lighthouse Interactive and developer Vertex 4 today released update 1.08 for SunAge, their sci-fi real-time strategy game for PC. The new update adds several new enhancements, an auto-updater, bug fixes and above all, new multiplayer features.

Click here to download the new SunAge 1.08 update.

Roman Pneudl, CEO of Vertex4 said, “We are extremely pleased with this new update since it makes the gameplay experience even more enjoyable. Update 1.08 also includes an auto-updater, which enables the game to automatically check for future updates upon start-up. This will ensure that the user always plays the latest version of the game. We also managed to reduce network traffic by switching to the UDP protocol, which means lag free gaming regardless of router or firewall settings. No more fiddling with port forwarding! In addition, we added a multiplayer lobby feature, allowing SunAge players from all over the world to chat, setup or join servers from within the game.”

SunAge is the modern day answer for RTS fans who want the best possible overview of their troops, while trying to outsmart opponents in frantic battles where strategy and tactics are more important than ever. If you have been into real-time strategy games for a while, this will bring back the good old days!

Key features in update 1.08 include:

  • Re-balancing of several in-game units, an added enhancement given community feedback
  • Multiplayer game lobby with chat functionalities
  • Master server and improved online functionalities
  • Improved firewall support and “punch through”
  • Auto-updater functionality (future patches or fixes will be downloaded automatically upon startup of the game).
  • Heavily reduced network traffic; rework of the network protocol, now UDP

The complete list of new features included in upgrade 1.08, are available at the Lighthouse forums, as well as on

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