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New Tools Allow Friends & Leaderboards Between Android & iOS


OpenFeint Connect is a new API that will allow cross-platform compatibility for friends lists, leaderboards, achievements, and more between platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7. The API goes into open beta today, giving developers a unified platform for their games and apps to interact between different devices.

“We believe games should connect people, regardless of what device or mobile OS they own. With the release of OpenFeint Connect, we give game developers the flexibility they need to take their games and game data to players everywhere,” said Jason Citron, founder and CEO of OpenFeint, in a press release by the company. "Developers are always asking if we support the Mac App Store, now with this API, we can support them."

The main highlights of OpenFeint Connect include leaderboards and achievements across multiple platforms, as well as a way of keeping track of friends regardless of what kind of mobile device they use. Users who game between platforms like an iPad and a phone will be able to use their unified OpenFeint account to maintain their game data between devices.

“To really thrive, we think social networks must be able to work across every platform and device. OpenFeint launched the first mobile social network and, with OpenFeint Connect, we’re now the first truly cross platform gaming network,” says Peter Relan, chairman of OpenFeint.

It sounds like a good deal, right? OpenFeint's platform is already supported in a ton of games, so hopefully the cross-platform appeal is a no-brainer. Though I'm sure platform holders like Apple will do everything in their power to push their own, less open services.

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