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New Title Announcement from BLUESIDE Inc

October 31, 2008


It Just Takes A Pen To Shake The World!

The master of Kingdom Under Fire series, BLUESIDE Inc. is pleased to announce “PRINCESS and KNIGHT” coming to worldwide market exclusively for the Nintendo DS

As reflecting BLUESIDE’s ambition to expand their voyage to other game platforms, they temporarily depart from the intense and somewhat sophisticated side of their previous franchise and turn their wheel to a very simple and delightful Action Role Playing land under capital of hand-held. With the First-Handed Action using the touch pen and the Enhancement System that can boost up your characters, weapons and abilities via synthesizing various functions, “PRINCESS and KNIGHT” will bring a compact RPG world where gamers will take on an adventure of a new fantasy wonderland and solve the mystery of ancient history as putting himself or herself on a test against herds of enemies in much more massive scale than any other Nintendo DS™ games and secrets that have been passed on from generation to generation. In 3D Effected Hand-Drawn 2D Map, gamers will be thrilled as slaying enemies in stylishly fast-paced combo actions and customizing weapons and abilities via item synthesis system, which recipes are the relics from the ancients themselves. Depicting a tale of a brave knight, who doesn’t realize his hidden ability already superior enough to save his kingdom from threats and mysteries of antiquity that slowly rises above surface as exploring. Mooki, a princess guardian, will lead your way for an adventure filled with magic and wonders.

For further information around the title and its release date, please look out for our future announcement.


  • Fast-paced action in simple & easy control taking full leverage on the touch pen

  • Endless challenge of a massive number of enemies in various kinds.

  • The enhancement system that can boost up the power of hero by synthesizing special abilities with numerous functions.

  • Dynamic Graphic in seamless hand-drawn 2D world with blend of 3D objects and special effects.

  • Adventurous and humorous story that depicts a tale of a great knight and secrecy of ancient history.

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