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New Tetris for Mobile Phones

February 19, 2008

New Tetris for Mobile Phones

Tetris Blockout Delivers a 3-D Twist to the Acclaimed Tetris Game

EA Mobile today announces the availability of Tetris Blockout, an innovative new addition to the popular Tetris franchise. According to Nielsen Mobile, Tetris was the most downloaded mobile game in 2007, and Tetris Blockout will continue the legacy as the newest addition to EA’s robust lineup of Tetris titles, which includes Tetris, a multiplayer version of Tetris, and Tetris Mania. The goal is still to clear planes as fast as possible, but now the falling blocks must be rotated and placed into a dynamic three-dimensional playing field.

“Tetris has been hugely successful on handheld devices since the game was first introduced over 20 years ago,” said Travis Boatman, VP Worldwide Studios, EA Mobile. “Recent advancements in mobile phones, which include improved graphics and processing speeds, have allowed us to create a fun, new version of the game with Tetris Blockout. We’ve retained all the thrills and immersive gameplay of the original and added a fresh twist.”

Players must use strategic skills as they rotate and place falling blocks into the 3-D playing field, clearing planes as fast as they can. Earn points for each plane cleared, and gain extra bonuses by clearing multiple planes at once. Tetris Blockout features three different play modes – classic Marathon, 20 Planes and race-the-clock Ultra. With vivid, colorful graphics, and adjustable difficulty levels, Tetris Blockout delivers great entertainment for all, from newcomers to Tetris mavens.

Tetris Blockout continues EA’s strong track record of creating and distributing compelling, fun, and easy-to-play games for players to enjoy on their mobile phones. Tetris Blockout is now available on major wireless carriers throughout North America and Europe. For more information on carrier availability and pricing, please visit

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