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New Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis Dev Diary

December 2, 2008

New Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis Dev Diary

'Hot Relations' modification revealed in latest Global Crisis developer diary

Paradox Interactive has today unveiled the fourth in an ongoing series of Supreme Ruler 2020: Global Crisis developer diaries leading all the way up until the game’s release, with this newest installment from David Thompson, Lead Designer and Co-Founder at BattleGoat Studios, discussing the “Hot Relations” modification.

In the following excerpt, David elaborates on what exactly the “Hot Modification” is and how it affects gameplay in Global Crisis;

“When we released Supreme Ruler 2020 we included two versions of the two original sandbox / campaigns. World 2020 in Crisis was a "Hot Relations" modification of World 2020 in which both good and bad relationships were amplified. Similarly, Melting Point was a "Hot Relations" modification of the Shattered World sandbox / campaign. The reason we did this was to appeal to different styles of gameplay. Some players wanted plenty of time at the beginning of the game to get their nation set just the way they wanted before it could be affected by changes in international relations.

Others believe the game moved too slowly at the start and wanted more action from AI regions right from the word go. So, essentially these two distinct versions of the same campaign provided the player a choice of how quickly AI controlled international relationships would develop into either war declarations or into formal alliances... “

Read the complete developer diary for the expansion Global Crisis at:

Global Crisis is scheduled for a digital download release via GamersGate during the latter half of Q4, 2008 and will require Supreme Ruler 2020 to play. Supreme Ruler 2020 was released in June 2008.

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