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New Steel Diver Trailer


Though many of us see Steel Diver as a technical demo showing off the visual and gyroscopic capabilities of the 3DS, Nintendo is determined to convince gamers of the game's legitimacy with numerous gameplay mechanics and some variety to boot. The latest trailer for the game shows the many functions of the in-game submarine, which still moves at a sluggish pace but certainly does more than navigate the seas. In the recent gameplay video from Nintendo, the deep sea vessel maneuvers around underwater hazards and even leaps out of the water like a dolphin. That's right, a dolphin!

Aside from demonstrating the submarine's agility, the video introduces missile-shooting. First-person gameplay guides players through the process of taking down enemy fighters as they explore the dark and cold depths of the ocean. The game looks like the real deal, and there's no denying it could be fun to play, as well. Does it still mimic a tech demo? Sadly, it does—but a good tech demo, at least!

Check out the new trailer below, and let us know what you think in the comments.


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