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New Sonic Generations Footage Looks Pretty Sweet


Have you seen the latest footage of Sonic Generations? If not, you definitely should, because it looks pretty damn awesome. The five-minute video shows off Classic and Modern gameplay stages, and in my opinion, they both look mighty fine.

Old school Sonic aficionados will remember Chemical Plant Zone. Sonic Generations looks to provide a proper throwback to the beloved stage, with revamped music and graphics as well as a ton of retro charm. It appears to play really well, too, and after having checked out the demo for the game, I can definitely say that Sonic Generations looks really promising overall, especially for all of those gamers who hate everything with the Sonic name these days.

Alternatively, the City Escape level may anger those same fans (because those folks really detest modern Sonic). In my humble opinion, the stage looks awesome, and I definitely look forward to playing the Modern levels. That said, I'm not really digging the music. Lyrics in a Sonic game are a big no-no for me. Why do they keep doing that?

Aside from the music in City Escape, the latest footage of Sonic Generations looks very promising. Here's hoping it does the series justice and celebrates 20 years of Sonic in proper fashion. Sonic Generations launches this November. Who else is excited?

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