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New SEGA Rally Revo Website Launches with Exclusive Content

September 19, 2007

New SEGA Rally Revo Website Launches with Exclusive Content

SEGA of America, Inc. today announced the launch of a new SEGA Rally Revo website at Visitors can access exclusive new viral movies showcasing the ‘Misadventures of Tonya & Donya’, as well as stunning gameplay trailers, screenshots, and detailed information on the arcade off-road racing game. SEGA Rally Revo ships on October 9 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP, and PC. Gamers can get $10 off if they pre-order now from

Game Summary

SEGA Rally Revo is the new benchmark in next-gen off-road racing, turning every lap into a new experience. Experience truly deformable tracks for the first time, using proprietary GeoDeformation™ technology. Bumper-to-bumper races in single-player and multiplayer modes on a constantly changing track surface, using fully customizable licensed cars. The genre-defining SEGA Rally arcade brand sets a new off-road racing benchmark with SEGA Rally Revo, made possible by the processing power of next-generation platforms.

Key Features:

  • GeoDeformation – a unique feature which dynamically changes the course during each lap with revolutionary surface & environment deformation.
  • Vehicles – over 30 in total across 4WD, 2WD, Classic and Bonus types, most with three variants each (Road, Rally & All Terrain).
  • Environments – wide range of hyper-realistic next-generation deformable environments including Safari, Artic, Canyon and Lakeside.
  • Tracks – a range of off-road and on-road tracks, with a variety of surface types and creative track designs.
  • Multiplayer – speedy head-to-head online and offline multiplayer modes for up to six people.
  • Action-Oriented Arcade Heritage – in contrast to other simulation-themed rally racers, SEGA Rally Revo features action-oriented next-gen arcade racing unlike any other game.
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