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New screens of much anticipated RPG Mount and Blade

February 28, 2008

Postcards from Calradia New screens of much anticipated RPG from Paradox Interactive: Mount and Blade

To ye, who possess a stout heart forged in the heat of battle - have ye a Mount and Blade? For war hath broken out in the idyllic land of Calradia.

For so long a place of mystery, unknown to all, except those brave enough to journey there. Now heralds have come from yonder, with painted tablets depicting this fabled place.Across welcoming sun-drenched expanses, through green and pleasant lands ye must travel. Over unspoiled rivers that sparkle with hallowed brilliance, to majestic towns built from stone. Ye must enter dark, torch-lit halls to find these warring factions, to pledge yourself to their service.

Be ye mercenary, cutthroat, knight or adventurer the clash of steel upon steel beckons all forth. Whether ye seek wealth beyond measure or everlasting glory – ye must ride. Ride hard! Ride fast!!

So ye be interested? Then see here, this place called Calradia

Mount & Blade PC screenshots

Click here to view all of the new screens for Mount and Blade.

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