New PSP Bundle Is Pretty Sweet

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Sony is releasing a brand new PSP bundle next month. Does the latest package from Sony look like a worthwhile purchase? The short answer is yes.

Sony's upcoming PSP bundle will include:

Piano Black PSP-3000 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo MLB 11: The Show Gran Turismo

There's no denying how sweet this deal is, especially if you're into both of the franchises listed above. MLB 11: The Show was a stellar baseball game on the PlayStation 3, and a portable version is definitely a nice goodie for gamers on the go. And Gran Turismo is a solid racing experience that video game enthusiasts of different tastes could really enjoy.

The new PSP bundle is set to launch sometime in June, and it will be priced at $160. Sweet price? Definitely. If you're on the fence regarding whether or not you should acquire a PSP, this bundle may be enough to entice you.

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