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New Pokemon Titles Become Fastest Selling DS Releases EVAR


You have to admire Nintendo. They regurgitate the same Pokemon game(s) each and every generation, and the fans just throw money at them. I heard on CNN that the president of Nintendo literally drives around in a popemobile-esque armed caravan because of all the money epilepsy-prone fanboys and girls are throwing at him. Now that every color of the rainbow has been defiled with another evolution of Wigglytuff, Nintendo is playing the race card with Pokemon Black and White Versions.

As proof of the whole popemobile/money-throwing thing, White and Black shattered sales records (in Japan) over the weekend (in Japan) to become the fastest-selling DS games (in Japan) ever. With presales numbering up to 1.88 million units and total first week sales approximately 2.55 million, there are a lot of virtual trainers out there summoning the nefarious Psyduck to do their bidding.

Black and White add over 150 new Pokemon to the mix, as well as new characters, areas, and an increased emphasis on 3D graphics. The international versions will be launching in Spring 2011, and are sure to rake in even more ridiculous amounts of cash--none of which Nintendo will use to make better games or consoles.

Visit to pre-sale your soul.

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