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New Patapon Videos

February 11, 2008

New Patapon Videos

Launching February 26th, Patapon is ready to deliver a truly unique gaming experience to the PSP. Incorporating a one-of-a-kind art style from French graphic artist Rolito, along with a rhythm-based control system that melds real-time action as well as strategy, Patapon is a ground-breaking game that brings continued innovation to the PSP. Sony has released four new gameplay videos for Patapon, which can be downloaded from the link below.

Click here to download the new Patapon videos.

About Patapon: For years the Patapon tribe has lived in the desolate frontier, driven from their home by the evil Zigoton army. Behind the Patapons' cute exterior, lies a fierce warrior spirit that can only be commanded by the beat of their leader’s war drum. The Patapons wait for the day that the leader will return, to lead them against their enemies and bring them back to their homeland. Finally, their wait has come to an end as the drums of war are heard once again.

In a distinct gameplay twist, action and rhythm are intertwined as players utilize drumbeats to march, attack, and defend, ultimately leading the Patapon tribe to victory. Featuring more than 30 missions in a variety of environments such as swamps, volcanoes, gorges and deserts, players will outfit a Patapon army, collect resources, and grow their tribe into a devastating fighting force. Patapon presents a variety of warrior types, along with a wide selection of weapon and shield upgrades, that players will use to strategically customize and position their army as they progress through the funky adventure.

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