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New Ni no Kuni Trailer Shows Off Gameplay, Looks Awesome


At the start of the month we reported that a special edition PlayStation 3 was being released in Japan for the release of Ni no Kuni. As many of you may be aware, Ni no Kuni is the upcoming project between Professor Layton developer Level-5 and the awesome anime company Studio Ghibli. What we've seen of the game thus far is definitely intriguing, but the latest trailer to hit the scene is downright impressive.

So did you watch it? Hey, I didn't provide a link to Level-5's official YouTube page for no reason! Watch it! And if you already did, well, watch it again!

From a gameplay perspective, Ni no Kuni seems to adhere to a lot of the standards that the RPG genre is known for. That said, the game definitely looks like a lot of fun. And if it can properly take the elements that made the DS version such a success in Japan and blow them up for the PlayStation 3 installment, Ni no Kuni will likely be a wonderful RPG for gamers to enjoy.

Also, the art in the game looks awesome. Studio Ghibli's style is apparent in the game's characters and environments, many of which are typical for the genre. But the anime studio has once again worked its magic to take common locales and make them look absolutely stunning.

Those lucky gamers in Japan will get to play Ni no Kuni for the PlayStation 3 on November 17. Still no word on when and if the game will be localized for North America, but let's hope Level-5 is kind and awesome enough to allow us to play it, as well.

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