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New Mini-game Videos Released for Virtua Tennis 3

March 2, 2007

New Mini-game Videos Released for Virtua Tennis 3

Three new Virtua Tennis 3 mini-game videos have been released from SEGA, so check out more of the upcoming mini-games in Virtua Tennis 3 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PSP with 10 brand new mini-games, totaling 12 mini games in all. Gamers will have hours of fun competing against each other in Court Games mode, and training their custom player in World Tour Mode. Virtua Tennis 3 is set to launch on March 20, 2007.

Click here to download the new mini-game videos for Virtua Tennis 3.

Virtua Tennis 3 - New Mini-game Videos – Mar. 2, 2007

Court Curling

  • Knock the stones in to the different scoring zones to reach a required points total in this original take on curling which helps improve your ground strokes…
  • Stones can be knocked into three different scoring zones, or a dead zone which sends the stone back to where it started.
  • Play carefully though, in the later levels some stones cause negative scores!
  • A successful game results in increased Stroke stats and an ability to adjust the angle and power of your stoke.

Super Bingo

  • A classic game of bingo with a tennis twist! Add a tennis racket and the odd bomb to boot and you get a great way improves your groundstroke and volleys!
  • Strike the numbers scrolling across a board at the back of the court to complete your bingo "card"!
  • Hit the speed board to increase the speed of the board, useful if you desperately need that one number to come round that bit quicker…
  • Successful completion results in increased Groundstroke and Volley skills.

Count Mania

  • Strike the ball into the numbered squares in the court to count up to a set number before the timer runs out!
  • Hit the different coloured squares in sequential order to count up to the required number.
  • The number to be achieved rises with the levels of the game.
  • Successful completion results in an increase of Groundstroke and volley stats allowing more effective play on court!
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