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New Map, Weapons, and Item for Alliance of Valiant Arms


We have received word about a forthcoming update to Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A.) for the PC. Included in the update are two new weapons, one new map, and one new item. For full details, we have received the following information:

New Map: Snake Eye (Night Ops) ANNIHILATION MODE This map is the night version on the current Snake Eye map. The night setting creates an unique atmosphere, which requires player to develop new strategies to be successful.

New Weapons: Saiga12 (Point Man class) Description: It is expected for this model to look similar to an AK rifle as it retains the firing mechanism and the frame of the series. Naturally, it has the reliability and durability of the AK series while providing a box type magazine for quick reload.

M14EBR (Rifle Man class) Description: This weapon is an old fashioned M14 assault rifle reborn as a modernized model with standard equipment of Picatinny rail. Various accessories can be equipped to support excellent functional compatibility. It is a large and heavy rifle but supports great power.

New Item: M116A1 Flash Bang The M116A1 is a non-lethal flash bang that generates a terrible bang to momentarily disable the eyesight of anyone caught in its blast zone.

The update is scheduled to be released next week for the free-to-play first-person shooter.

Check out our exclusive screenshots of Snake Eyes (Night Ops). Check our review of A.V.A from earlier this year.

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