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New In-Game Content and Holiday Events for Free-to-Play  MMORPG Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent

November 25, 2009

New In-Game Content and Holiday Events for Free-to-Play  MMORPG Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent

Fans respond to content attack by thanking publisher for "making it hurt so good."

Atlus Online, the go-to destination for cool people, today continued its relentless stream of updates, events, and all-new content for the ultimate fantasy-steampunk MMORPG Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent.

In celebration of the holiday season, which often includes the joy of standing outside a brick and mortar retailer for countless frigid hours, the premium item shop will host a "Black Wednesday" sale, heavily slashing prices on just about everything. All the savings of the holidays and none of the risk of being trampled by an unruly mob-everybody wins!

In an even more dramatic acknowledgement of the season, the region of Riall, which serves as the neutral ground between the rival factions of Chrysalis, will receive a lovely Christmas makeover later this holiday season. The area will also become the new starting ground for characters, which will have the added benefit of making the beginning levels for newcomers far easier, dramatically changing the initial game experience.

On top of all that, recently released content updates like Magnasseum, a multi-round tournament of champions, and the Southern Underworld, a high-level dungeon loaded with powerful bosses and rare high-level loot, serve to expand the game experience for veteran fans. Tired of looking like a cow? Stop reading here, because the Bovine Beautification items released this week will do everything but. They're the perfect gift for that special cow fetishist.

Lastly, Atlus Online is giving away a special mount, the Ivory Riding Pufu, to Neo Steam players. Ferocious, menacing, and generally ill-tempered, the fluffy white Pufu is available from the Atlus Online website ( by entering the following code into the "Promo Code" tab of the "Account" section:

PROMO CODE: 873D1F768DCB4096A62EA3AD729BF632

The Neo Steam "Black Wednesday" sale begins today, November 25th. Look for the Riall holiday makeover to take place a little later this winter. For more information about Neo Steam, please visit the official game website at

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