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New Free Update for Supreme Ruler 2020

August 15, 2008

New Free Update for Supreme Ruler 2020

BattleGoat Studios has announced a new free Update is now available.  This brings the current version of the game to 5.3.2.  Here is what's new with the latest update:

- Over Ten New Technologies and over 70 New Unit Designs Added
- Improvements to AI and Ministers, including facility construction
- Improvements to Military AI
- New Games Settings Panel and other in-game UI additions
- Allied Victory option added
- Fixes to supply problems and other issues

And of course no update would be complete without a couple of new Scenarios:

Paraguay's Problems - Poor Paraguay... stuck in the middle of a South American power struggle.  Take control of either Venezuela, Brazil, or Argentina and try to eliminate the other dominating nations of South America to achieve total influence over the continent.

African Dragon - Amidst growing tensions between South Africa and many of its neighbors over refugee issues, China tries to protect and increase its influence in the area by sending military equipment to Zimbabwe.  You must take control of South Africa and eliminate this threat to your influence by eliminating the puppet government now in Zimbabwe.  The question is; what kind of military equipment has China been sending???

To update your copy of Supreme Ruler 2020, simply click on the 'Check for Updates' option in the Supreme Ruler 2020 Program Group.

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