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New Episode Released for Pocket God

September 14, 2009

New Episode Released for Pocket God

It’s Close to Midnight and Something Evil’s Lurking in the Dark – In the Latest Pocket God Episode: ‘Dead Pygmy Walking’

Insidious powers are at work on the Pocket God island in the latest update to the enormously popular deity simulator for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Episode 26: ‘Dead Pygmy Walking,’ is brining an army of hair-rising, brain-eating, dancing Zombie Pygmies to the App Store this week.

This particularly spooky update includes an entirely new area for fans to explore. Found to the east of the T-Rex island, the new zone includes a foreboding Pygmy Graveyard, complete with spider web (perhaps for a future update!), gravestones, and a mysterious ancient seal.

Malevolent Pocket Gods can bury their undeserving subjects, and then raise them from the dead using the ancient seal. Raised Zombie Pygmies have a taste for brains, and rather enjoy doing the ‘Thriller’ dance – though they are a bit flimsy, and will break apart in a cloud of flakey skin when god-handled.

Bolt Creative is currently running a fan contest, ‘Twitter Yer Picture With Pocket God On Yer iPod,’ encouraging fans to submit funny and creative pictures of themselves playing Pocket God. For details on the contest, visit:

Pocket God can be purchased in the iTunes App Store by pointing your browser to


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