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New DYNASTY WARRIORS Add-on Packs Now Available

July 22, 2009

New DYNASTY WARRIORS Add-on Packs Now Available

KOEI has released new packs for two of their Dynasty Warriors titles. Players can download new add-ons for DYNASTY WARRIORS Strikeforce for the PSP an DYNASTY WARRIORS 6 Empires on PS3 and Xbox 360. For full details, read below.

Players can put their skills to the test with new missions. Quest Pack #3 includes four new quests, plus all of the quests included in the previously released packs.

  • Chi Bi: vs Zhou Yu (Difficulty: 4/5)
    Return to Chi Bi to finish the fight against Zhou Yu!

  • Battle of Bai Men Tower X (Difficulty: 4/5)
    Return to Bai Men Tower to finish the fight!

  • Wu Arena (Difficulty: 5/5)
    Test your might against Wu warriors at the Arena!

  • Escape from Wan Castle X (Difficulty: 5/5)
    Return to Wan Castle to finish the fight!

DYNASTY WARRIORS 6 Empires (PS3/360)
This week's free add-on content includes a new music track pack.

Here's the remaining North American DLC schedule for Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires. The dates shown reflect when the content should be available for download on both Xbox LIVE Marketplace and PlayStation Network.

  • 7/23/2009
    Additional Music Set 2

  • 7/30/2009
    Eclectic Armor Set (men)
    Priestess Armor Set (women)
    Norse Armor Set (men)
    Valkyrie Armor Set (women)

  • 8/06/2009
    Additional Music Set 3

  • 8/13/2009
    Shinobi Armor Set (men)
    Arabian Armor Set (women)
    Mystic Armor Set (men)
    Wa Armor Set (women)

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