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New Details on The Binding of Isaac Surface


This summer is low on major releases, but there are a few titles to watch out for. One of the games you should be super stoked to play is The Binding of Isaac, a roguelike from indie phenom Edmund McMillen. The game is scheduled to launch later this summer, and now the creative developer has released some noteworthy details about this promising indie title.

The Binding of Isaac will feature shooter gameplay with deep roguelike elements and level design inspired by The Legend of Zelda for the NES, wrote McMillen on his blog. The game will play similarly to titles such as Smash TV and Robotron. Additionally, the game's environment will be a "randomly generated semi-RPG world filled with power-up items and special abilities."

The Binding of Isaac includes a bevy of pick-ups---according to McMillen, there will be "over 70 special items." Players solve puzzles, collect key items, and have access to shops in each of the game's levels. "The game currently has six dungeons spanning three chapters, six bosses, 36 enemy types, four unlockable characters, and tons of dynamic happenings," explained the Team Meat member.

In addition to all of these sweet details, the blog post also features some awesome beta screens of the game in action. Be sure to check them out and get ready for The Binding of Isaac. The game will drop this August on Steam.

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