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New Details on Pandora's Tower Emerge


More details have emerged regarding Pandora's Tower, the action RPG from Nintendo and Ganbarion that's set to launch in Japan next week, on May 26. The new info comes courtesy of Andriasang. Pandora's Tower looks like a worthwhile RPG for the Wii, so here's hoping it gets localized to other countries, including the U.S.

As previously mentioned, Pandora's Tower tells the love story between Ende and Ceres. As Ende, you must enter a massive structure and save Ceres, who is slowly turning into a beast. The game's pamphlet reads, "Can you still love me even when I'm like this?" This is a clear nod to Ceres' ongoing transformation throughout the game.

Because this RPG is a romance tale, you can expect to see plenty of dramatic cutscene interactions between Ende and Ceres. The game has even been confirmed to feature love sim-like gameplay elements. You can keep track of Ceres' affection toward Ende throughout the game, and certain actions increase that affection. Obviously, whenever you help Ceres, she'll fall more in love with Ende. Additionally, giving her gifts will increase the relationship meter that measures the strength of the characters' bond. Lastly, collecting beast meat and bringing it to Ceres helps keep her from transforming and deepens their relationship.

Famitsu has reviewed Pandora's Tower, awarding the game 7, 7, 9, and 8 scores for a total of 31 out of 40. Not too shabby, although there are some obvious flaws in the game according to the reviewers. No word on whether Pandora's Tower will ever make the move outside of Japan, but let's hope it does. The latest RPG to hit the Wii looks like an enjoyable entry in the genre, and since we hardly get any RPGs for the Wii here in North America, many of us are jealous of Japan's luck with video games! Nintendo, make it happen.

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