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New Details for Indie Xbox Live Arcade Game Axiom Overdrive

November 21, 2007

New Details for Indie Xbox Live Arcade Game Axiom Overdrive

First pilot job advertisement posted

Reflexive Entertainment reveals first details of the Blast Thru game mode in its upcoming XBLA title Axiom Overdrive.

Players develop precision left stick thrust control skills to navigate asteroid AF128’s winding mine shafts at high speed, while carrying delicate shock sensitive high explosives.

Managing the counter orbital movement of the grappled explosives is key to success on these levels, as is mastering a well-timed grapple release, to slingshot the explosives and blast open bulkhead doors that have become fused shut.

"The faster pilots can blast their way through every fused bulkhead in a sector, the higher their rewards, which are credited towards their pilot cert rating," said lead game designer Tony Barnes.

For further information about the opportunities for OTF pilots within The Axiom Corporation, please read the documentation available on

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