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New Demo for Strategic Command 2: Patton Drives East

May 2, 2008

New Demo for Strategic Command 2: Patton Drives East

Today is happy to offer up the demo for the second Strategic Command 2 expansion, Patton Drives East. This exciting new expansion explores the various what-if's of an alternate outcome to the events of World War 2 including how a war between Stalin's armies and the Allies would play out. The demo is 141 megabytes in size and is ready for download immediately.

Click here to download the new Strategic Command 2: Patton Drives East demo.

This demo includes THREE turn limited (1 game year each) playable campaigns:

  • 1939 Storm of Steel turns the clock back to the very beginning of hostilities in Europe as the German army prepares to occupy the Sudetenland and Czechoslovakia.
  • 1945 Patton Drives East allows you to change history in the months after the Nazi surrender as Patton is allowed to drive across the Oder River and push forward to the very gates of Moscow.
  • 1948 Berlin Crisis unleashes the fury of Stalin's Armies against the Allies in a contest for the total occupation of Europe.

Multiplayer modes are disabled in the demo but the campaigns are playable against the AI as either side.

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