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New Crisis Core Theme for PSP

March 28, 2008

New Crisis Core Theme for PSP

Square-Enix has announced that a custom PSP XMB Theme is now available for download. The new theme customizes PSP owners' interface with icons of the main characters from the PSP action-RPG. It can be downloaded for free from

About Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

The land of mako reactors and materia is again in crisis--a crisis that extends to the very core of the planet. Featuring an all-new story that revolves around Zack, a soul who had already returned to the Lifestream before the events of FINAL FANTASY VII, players will witness the secrets behind Shinra and the company’s efforts to line its pockets at the expense of the planet. Take part in an exhilarating adventure filled with grandeur, excitement, and state-of-the-art visuals, while discovering new secrets hidden within the world of FINAL FANTASY VII.

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