New Co-Op Map and Weapons Incoming for Alliance of Valiant Arms

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We have received word that Alliance of Valiant Arms is set to receive a new co-op map titled Death Valley, several new weapons and an item to keep its fans busy.

Death Valley, a jungle-based map, emphasizes on teamwork that allows groups of four players to work together to clear the area to encounter a boss at each round of the mission. Throughout the course of the co-op map players will encounter a jungle river boat ride, wide open areas where helicopters will swoop in and circle overhead, and per usual standards, tight corridor gun fights to ante up the excitement.

As for the new items and weapons in the update, the follow is set to make their debut: M4A1 Chrome Knights SR25 M18 Smoke Grenade AI Mission Respawn (permits additional respawns)

A.V.A. released in North America in November 2009 and received a warm welcoming to the free-to-play community by GameZone's own Dan Liebman. Check out our full review to find out more details on the popular first-person shooter.

Check out GameZone's exclusive video of Death Valley.

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