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New Character Jin Now Live and Playable in Ntreev USA's Grand Chase

June 10, 2009

New Character Jin Now Live and Playable in Ntreev USA's Grand Chase

Players Can Now Play As the Melee-Specialist As He Joins The Ranks Of Grand Chase Knights

Ntreev USA announced today that its new character, Jin, a melee specialist, is now live and playable for its action-adventure MMO brawler, Grand Chase. As the 8th member of the Grand Chase, Jin joins the chase to search for Luther, the leader of the Silver Knights, and finds himself infatuated with Amy.

"Players will be very excited with the introduction of Jin as an addition to the Knights of Grand Chase," said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA. "Jin will be an integral part of the Grand Chase story and his character attributes, including a special fighting ability and special attacks, will make him one that North American gamers will want to experience."

About Jin

Jin is a melee-specialist from the Silver Land and a member of the Silver Knights who is a fast, heavy attacker with very short range.

Jin has three classes, the first job being Fighter where he uses his fists and feet to attack. He also possesses the unique ability to "burn," a special ability that makes him stronger and changes his skills. Jin can charge the gauge and use the charge to perform special attacks or improved skills. If the bar is fully charged, Jin will go into "burn" mode making several new attacks available, and boosting his skills and attack power; however the charge bar will quickly drain in burn mode. In addition, Jin also has the ability to dash through opponents during their mid-combo attacks.

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