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New Catherine Gameplay Trailer Details More Sexual Tension and Block-Pushing


If you thought previous footage of Catherine, the new action-adventure title by Atlus and Persona Team, showcased some socially awkward and sexually tense situations, you haven't seen anything yet. The latest trailer for the game shows main character Vincent hanging out with his buddies and seemingly discussing his woman woes, having some more strange nightmares with weird sheep creatures, listening to the mysterious Catherine talk to him as he lies prone beneath her, and actually doing a bit of platforming.

While most of this new trailer showcases more of the demented nature of the game, the gameplay bits have Vincent (in nothing but tighty whities) pushing blocks and jumping on them. Some scenes also show what happens if Vincent gets destroyed by massive otherworldly creatures.

Different stages are also shown at the beginning of the trailer. Prison of Despair, Torture Chamber, Inquisition, and Quadrangle are four of the themed stages that gamers can expect to see in the game. It should be interesting to see how Atlus makes each of these environments stand out independently from one another.

Catherine is currently scheduled to launch for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 17 in Japan. A North American release date has yet to be announced by Atlus at this point.

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